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John thoroughly

Ivo Rapetta

John thoroughly

Creedence Clearwater Revival coined a unique language with roots in blues and Cajun music of Louisiana. Married the rhythms of the " swamp " with the melodies of folk-rock and the spirit of Bob Dylan. Somehow that fusion create a style ` simple and catchy that represents the quintessence of American music.

The brothers Fogerty , John (vocals , guitar ) and Tom (guitar), were in reality grew up in Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had served since 1959 in a complex rhythm and blues ( Tommy Fogerty & the Blue Velvets ) , publishing some 45 laps since 1964 , over the years, " hot" British Invasion .

In 1967, changed their name to Creedence Clearwater Revival , and released two cover of Jay Hawkins, Suzie Q and Put A Spell On You , which immediately catapulted them in the standings. Are the cornerstones of the first album , Creedence Clearwater Revival ( Fantasy , 1968). The secret of their music was not so much in the melodies as in the rhythms . The rhythm was the great rediscovery of those years, thanks to the " blues revival" that came from Chicago and that he had set foot in San Francisco itself . The folk-rock , surf and acid-rock had for the most left in the background rhythm, but the blues revival was bringing into the spotlight the "groove" . The JRC pointed at right on the "groove" .

John Fogerty start ` to compose original material, leaving behind the cover that had educated . John wrote all the classics of 1968-70 , defining a sound that comes from the blues jam , from ballads talking to Dylan, and lysergic trip from the Bay , which is softened with the South and country guitar that regenerates at a rate of swamp Louisiana , and concentrated in epidermal pills emotions , insinuates itself into a timeless limbo of folklore. Bayou Country ( Fantasy , 1968) is an album much more robust. It offers first Proud Mary , their most famous song , which , relying on a feverish pace , served as a bridge between the festive spirit of folk- rock and the dark blues -rock , and other songs built on the groove, as Bootleg and Graveyard Train, swamp blues tones claims that relied on a strong pulse and left , almost tribal in Born on The Bayou . The guitar had a purely atmospheric task : not only the solos were limited to a few seconds , but the rhythm section was in the foreground.

Green River ( Fantasy , 1969) Is continuous progression toward that sound dark and murky with Lodi (1969) , a blend of blues and gospel accelerated following the same practice of Proud Mary , Bad Moon Rising , more and more immersed in claims nightmares voodoo , Green River, the dress rehearsal for Run Thru The Jungle, and Tombstone Shadow . John Fogerty was the lifeblood of the complex, with its martial voice , dark and a little ' raspy , whose tone ranged from true Delta bluesman in apocalyptic prophet . Fogerty performing but ` the tendency to repeat itself, to self- be cited , to exploit the infinite riffs , choruses and cadences of his famous songs, and for this reason his glory is given to a few brilliant ideas , more than a substantial opus .

Willy And The Poorboys ( Fantasy , 1969) , a concept dedicated to the working class , made ​​much of the songs on texts less obsessive and more realistic. The standout is Down On The Corner , quadrille and syncopated Caribbean, and Fortunate Son , the first of their three great acrobatic rock and roll .

Cosmo 's Factory ( Fantasy , 1970) , probably their masterpiece , tip from Ramble Tamble on visceral and enthralling rhythms of the Delta blues and the eerie atmosphere of the rituals of the jungle. That's how ` Run Thru The Jungle , the nightmare more somber and hypnotic in their careers. But the group has reached maturity in ` reinterpret tradition and it shows with Travelin ' Band, their second greatest rock and roll, Looking Out My Backdoor , catchy ragtime and effervescent , Up Around The Bend , roaring shout to boogie rhythm , and Who'll Stop The Rain , gospel accelerated on a relentless jingle- jangle .

Pendulum ( Fantasy , 1971), it seems a bad copy of the previous year. Fogerty recopy them one by one those classics .
The only worthy of the originals is Have You Ever Seen The Rain , in the tone of prophetic Dylan. Molina , Hey Tonight , It's Just A Thought and Hideaway are brilliant but generic roots-rock songs . The group exacerbates the elements that have made the previous album in the long and Pagan Baby Born To Move. Ie notwithstanding , the album became the best-selling group. Tom Fogerty had already left the group ( ` die of tuberculosis in 1990 ) .

The group disbanded after the mediocre Mardi Gras ( Fantasy , 1972) , which contains Sweet Hitch -hiker , the last of their great rock'n'roll.

In those years, the JRC dominated the charts of the 45s , though not at all a trade group . The fact is that they coined a language in which the average American was identified immediately , the prototype of the rock for the family of the 70's.

Chronicle ( Fantasy , 1976) is an anthology of hits.

John Fogerty ` launch a solo career with two albums on which sound ` all instruments : The Blue Ridge Rangers ( Asylum, 1973) , a tribute to the heroes of country music ( Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers ) , and John Fogerty ( Asylum, 1975) on which there are two discrete rock and roll, Rockin ' All Over The World, Almost Saturday Night . The third album, Hoodoo , rejected by the record company , remained unpublished , and ` Fogerty withdrew from the scene . ` I'll be back in the recording studio after ten years and made the center. Centerfield (Warner , 1985) was a huge success , thanks mainly to the verve of Rock And Roll Girls and The Old Man Down The Road , a blatant revision of Run Thru The Jungle for the generation that had lost the original .

Eye Of The Zombie (Warner , 1986) , Because , it was another disappointment , despite Sail Away and Change In The Weather . After ten years of absence from the scene , Blue Moon Swamp ( Reprise , 1997) , containing lukewarm blues -rock ballads like Swamp River Days , Southern Streamline, Blue Moon Nights, and Live Premonition (Reprise , 1998) bring him back again in vogue .

Will continue undaunted to record a couple of albums for the decade : Dejavu (2004 ) and especially Revival ( 2007), Do not You Wish It Was True

We were delighted with shows in Italy in Milan ( Alcatraz disco ) in 2008 and in 2009 with shows in Rome , Lucca and Piazzola sul Brenta ( Padua), which I attended , maybe you had guessed John Fogerty is my idol , my driving music and life ! Unforgettable concert at a distance of about 40 years at the Royal Albert Hall famous London theater .

In that gathering he also presented his two sons (even their great guitar players ) who assure us that the name of Fogerty and especially the music of Fogerty live forever . God bless John Fogerty . (pictured concert of Padua)

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